Business Law and Transactions

I advise and represent a wide variety of businesses of all sizes, including manufacturers, wholesale distributors, retail shopping centers, multi-family apartment complexes, commercial property managers and brokers, mental health care providers, marina operators, graphic designers, vending and amusement route operators, and others.

I have built my reputation on long-term relationships with these organizations and individuals, for whom I am fortunate to serve as a trusted counselor and partner. Owners, managers and in-house counsel have welcomed me into their businesses so that I can understand and address the full range of their goals and concerns. I advise and assist corporate and business clients on matters including:

  • formation of appropriate business entities, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies
  • advising start-up businesses
  • sale and purchase of businesses and business assets
  • maintaining necessary corporate records and minutes
  • internal structuring, operation and problem-solving
  • shareholder buy-sell agreements and member control agreements
  • drafting and review of business contracts and leases
  • documenting commercial and credit transactions
  • manufacturing and licensing and agreements
  • distribution and consignment agreements
  • employment contracts and disputes
  • business-related real estate and leasing transactions
  • financing, secured transactions, and collection of debts
  • internal and external dispute resolution, litigation, mediation and arbitration.
  • succession planning and asset transfers for business owners
Attorneys:  Steven G. Potach

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